Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tuna cakes with mystery greens and feta

Tuna is one of those things that I will buy a stack of and then realize that I don't actually like it very much. I just suddenly think "Tuna's a great idea!" and the next thing I know, I have eight cans of tuna sitting in my cupboard for two years. For these tuna cakes, I used the very last can from one such frenzy. I first came across a tuna cake recipe four years ago when we lived in London and were completely skint. I spent hours googling "cheap cooking" and "frugal recipes" and things like that, and tuna cakes was one of the meals I found. That recipe involved crushed up crackers, I think.

For this one, I seasoned the tuna with scallions from our CSA box, dried rosemary, pepper, and a squirt of lemon juice. Then I added a beaten egg and some bread crumbs and formed little patties, which I pan-fried in a little olive oil.

This looks like a pathetic little meal - I should have used smaller plates. It was actually pretty satisfying. I steamed some greens, which I thought were chard, but after eating them, I'm not so sure - they didn't taste quite like the chard I've had in the past. Maybe they were a different variety? I don't know. A little feta sprinkled on top helped counteract the bitterness.

I realized while cutting up the scallions for this recipe that the root end of the scallion looks like a crazy little head. In particular, they remind me of this guy.

Not only is Pepe the coolest by far of the new generation of Muppets, he's also an excellent director.

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