Thursday, July 10, 2008

big plans for Boston

We spent the holiday weekend in Boston with my little brother Zach and his girlfriend Maria (Hi Maria! Thanks for reading!). Generally, when we go down there, we just hang out in their apartment, watch movies, and relax. Occasionally we'll hit up the MFA or some fun attraction like Tomb. We had big plans for this weekend, including visiting Cambridge, going to the Garment District for dollar-a-pound vintage clothing, heading to some cool bookstores, eating at a few restaurants (including Flat Patties, their favorite burger joint), and enjoying Maria's home-cooked dirty rice.

Unfortunately, I went and thwarted all those plans by getting sick. Really sick. Three-days-glued-to-the-futon sick. So it ended up being a chill weekend after all, with a few movies and a lot of downtime. I did manage to pull it together to watch the fireworks over the Charles from the unbelievably-crowded Mass Ave Bridge. It was an excellent show.

Before I got sick, we had one dinner out at the tasty and affordable La Verdad Taqueria. Pictures and a review to come in the next post.

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Zach said...

Sorry the weekend didn't work out! Hope you feel better by now. Thanks for the veggies, Maria made super good zucchini bread.