Thursday, July 3, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner at the Fort

Yesterday, after my two-hour workout in the morning and Dan's ten-mile run after work, we were both exhausted and ravenously hungry. Of course the proper response was to sabotage all our hard work by ditching the salads in favor of diner food. Sometimes you just need it.

We went to the Fort, everyone's favorite Upper Valley truck stop, for some fabulous breakfast-for-dinner. After bantering with a cute elderly couple that arrived around the same time as us, we took our booth and perused the menus. I almost always order the poached eggs on hash, as the Fort offers the best homemade hash anywhere (no dog food from a can here). Last night was no exception. Dan went for the hungryman special - three eggs, three slices of bacon, three sausage patties, homefries, and toast.

As it turns out, the cute elderly couple was seated in the booth right next us. One of them ordered something with mashed potatoes, and when Dan heard that, he perked up but then immediately looked disappointed - we had already placed our orders and there would be no mashed potatoes for him, much to his regret. However, that got us thinking - what about mashed potatoes for breakfast? People eat homefries or hash browns. We started brainstorming ideas and we will carry out some experiments at some point in the future (probably closer to fall, once it cools down a bit).

Today we're off to Boston to spend the holiday weekend with my little brother and his girlfriend. We still have chard and zucchini left from last week's box, plus we're due to pick up another one today. We're going to bring most of the produce with us so we can share the bounty with our hosts. I'll post what we got and what we did with it after we return next week.

(The picture is an old one, from a visit to the Fort when I was still in college. Note the decor: framed photographs of eighteen-wheelers.)


Jett said...

I don't think I've ever turned down an opportunity to have poached eggs! Having them over hash just sounds insanely magnificent. I'm jealous.

Thanks for visiting my blog! You were my first official comment.

As for the mashed potatoes for breakfast, my Italian mother used to always make us potato pancakes. She mixed leftover mashed potatoes w/ egg & a little flour. She thinly sliced an onion and then formed the mashed potato mixture into pancakes and squished a slice of onion into one side. She then fried them up in an oiled skillet. I think the recipe is Pennsylvania Dutch. Anyway, I found this recipe which is pretty close to Mom's and interestinly enough it is on a site called "Mr. Breakfast". Voila!

Andrester said...

What about Potato pancakes? Latkes? those are kinda like Mashed Potatoes but in the form of cakes??