Friday, July 11, 2008

Out to Eat: La Verdad Taqueria

La Verdad Taqueria
1 Lansdowne Street

I had read about La Verdad Taqueria in Food & Wine magazine, and what struck me, besides how good the food sounded, was that the prices were actually in my realm of possibility (unlike the vast majority of the restaurants that they write about). Right across from Fenway Park and just down the street from the legendary Avalon Ballroom, La Verdad has smartly positioned itself as both a grab-and-go fast food window and a sit-down restaurant. We chose to sit down and at 10:00pm on a Thursday night had no problem getting a table. There were probably fewer than a dozen people there (including waitstaff and bartender), which was surprising, given how good the food was.

We ordered Oaxacan wings to start; they were delicious. I feel like I might need my thesaurus for this entry because that word describes everything we got. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Maria opted for a burrito, which was huge, and came with wonderfully thin and crisp plantain chips on the side. Zach went for the carne asada tacos, which he happily wolfed down. Dan selected turkey pastor tacos and I chose the chorizo y papas tacos, and we traded one of each. The turkey pastor, which came with mole sauce and a red chile sauce, was very good and very spicy. My chorizo- and potato-filled tacos were so good that I ate them all before I remembered to take a picture. I would definitely order them again, although there are so many other tasty-sounding options that it may be a while before I do. If you are either very adventurous or very old-fashioned, you might also enjoy the tripe tacos, tongue tacos, or the tripe, tongue, and chorizo tacos.

Turkey pastor tacos - mmmm!

The four of us split an order of churros with chocolate and dulce de leche for dessert. Without question, these were the best churros I have ever had (and, having spent three months in Spain, I have had A LOT of churros). They were perfectly crisp but not weighed down by excess grease.

The only minor disappointment was the drinks; I got a grapefruit soda-orange juice-tequila concoction and Dan got a watermelon margarita. Both were good, but not $10 good when you're paying $9.50 for a plate of three tacos and sides. (Which reminds me - the tacos came with queso blanco, refried beans, and "Yucatan slaw" - all so tasty that I could have happily made a full meal out of them). If you are a real tequila nut, you'll certainly be satisfied with the vast array that they offer. Next time, I'll probably stick to the fresh-squeezed juices for $2.50. And yes, there will definitely be a next time.

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