Friday, January 30, 2009

Shipping Off to Boston!

We're heading down to Boston tonight to spend the weekend with Zach and Maria - always a good time. Remember when I raved about Anthropologie? Well, this weekend I'm going to set foot in one of their stores for the first time, and I won't have to walk away disappointed, since Z&M gave me a gift certificate for Christmas (thanks guys!). I'll be back next week with a restaurant review or two, a wrap-up of my Anthro experience, and the special surprise project I mentioned recently. And don't miss the return of Salad Days next Wednesday.

What about you? Any plans for the weekend? Please share in the comments, and have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much again, Sarah! By far one of the best gifts I have ever received!!!


Sarah said...

You're very welcome! I had a blast making it and I hope it's nice and cozy.