Monday, February 2, 2009

My Second Quilt

Yay! I can finally post this here now. I had to wait because this quilt was a Christmas gift for Maria and I know she reads the blog. Now, you may be thinking, Christmas?! Christmas was over a month ago! Yes, but I didn't see Maria at Christmas, since she was home in Austin, and the quilt was a little too bulky for Zach to take it down during his New Year's visit. Since we knew we'd go visit Zach and Maria in Boston at the end of January, I just held on to the quilt and delivered it in person.

my second quilt

This is, as I said in the title, my second quilt. My first measures about 5" x 12" and was made to go along with a doll bed as a Christmas gift for our niece in 2007. So I've moved from doll quilt to lap quilt; hopefully my next one (on the sewing schedule for September of this year) will be big enough for a full/queen bed.

quilt detail

I had a lot of fun picking the fabrics for this project; the blue and chocolate was the starting point, since Maria loves that combination. The top was machine-pieced, but the quilting was done by hand; I used embroidery floss and did long running stitches along the length of every other strip. The hardest part was putting on the bias tape, since the quilt was so thick; I used contrast stitching, which sounded like a good idea at the time, but it makes my mistakes a bit more evident. But that's okay. It will be nice and warm to help keep Maria cozy through New England winters.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, you say "lap quilt" but you over-estimate my shortness (or underestimate my tallness) I was completely bundled under it watching the Super Bowl.


Era said...

Beautiful! Great job finishing your second quilt. I've made one quilt in my life, a sampler for a class, and my second quilt has been years in the making, years. But it will eventually be finished, I swear.

Sarah said...

Era, I know it helped that I had a deadline. I'm hoping I can get the next one done before it gets really cold here (which, if I start it in September, doesn't actually give me that much time!).