Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notice a pattern?

Here's a shot of a recent meal: brown rice and lentils, topped with fried onions with garam masala and plain yogurt, served with a side of shredded root veg salad on romaine.

And here's another recent dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches, sliced cucumbers, and shredded root veg salad on a bed of romaine.

And you've seen this one before: a recent fish dinner served with - what else? - shredded root veg salad and romaine.

Yep, it's fair to say I've fallen in to a rut. The root veg salad is great, especially with goat cheese and pecans, but I've come to rely on it a little too much. And it's not just the salad: I've been in a cooking slump, which partially accounts for my light posting lately. Even Dan, who normally loves my cooking, has gently noted that my meals have been a bit boring lately. The good news is, I think I've finally - finally! - started to climb out of it. I'll write more next week about a couple of the things I've been doing to shake the dust off my shoulders and get moving in the kitchen.


A_and_N said...

You're kidding me! There is nothing boring about this meal!

I've never tried brown rice. I've heard a lot about it though. And salads are such a great compliment to rice, which are usually rich in carbs. Lentils supply proteins....I love the whole platter :)

Sarah said...

I think the boring part is that lentils and brown rice has become my default "Oh crap, I don't have anything planned for dinner!" meal, and lately, I've been doing that so much that I've overserved it.

I love it and could eat is three times a week, but when I start doing that, Dan, who NEVER complains and rarely expresses any sort of preference, foodwise, says, "When's the last time we had meat for dinner?" It's like lentils ignite his inner carnivore.