Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I yam what I yam...

... and that's a lady who loves her spinach. Baby spinach, especially. Fresh, local, organic baby spinach for the first time in months! This salad was amazing - just spinach, a shredded carrot, and some sprouts with a very lemony dressing (lemon juice + salt + EVOO). I had some last night with homemade cheese pizza (this dough recipe is still amazing - I made another quadruple batch yesterday and froze three extra balls).

I buy shredded mozzarella in a big two-pound bag for $7.99. Two pounds yields approximately eight cups, which is enough for at least eight pizzas, depending on how cheesy I'm feeling. I use tomato puree (one 28oz can has enough for at least twelve pizzas) and I buy the flour and yeast for the dough from the Coop bulk bins, so pizza is a very cheap meal (and if you go easy on the cheese, it's pretty healthy paired with a salad). Each pizza provides dinner and lunch the next day for the two of us, so I'd wager it comes out to less than fifty cents per serving. Even when we have to buy lettuce from the grocery store, I'm pretty sure pizza and a salad comes out to around $1.00 per serving. Definitely thrifty, tasty, and easy!


A_and_N said...

Yes, 2 lb can be consumed on how cheesy one feels :) I dont think it'll be enough for 12 pizzas if I were making them...probably a lot less :D

And nothing like homemade pizza! Thats neat :)

Sarah said...

Two pounds shredded is about eight cups, so I figure one cup per pizza, but lately I've been using less than that. It's weird because I love cheese - we both do - but for some reason I've been holding back on the pizza. I think it's because I've been going thin-crust and easing up on the toppings helps them stay crispy.

And yes, I love homemade pizza! It's so easy and tasty I have to hold myself back from making it more than once a week.